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TradingLab is an software development company that specializes in algorithmic trading, committed to turning your trading ideas into actionable strategies in the financial market.

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What We Do


We transform your brilliant indicator ideas into reality. Indicators leverage historical price data to forecast future price directions. Utilizing mathematical calculations, these trading tools provide signals, assess trend strength, and determine its direction.

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Automated Trading Robots

We democratize access to quantitative algorithmic trading for everyone. Automated Trading Robots streamline the trading process by automating actions. Customize your robot's parameters to align with your strategies, enabling your trading robots to operate independently without manual intervention.

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Trading Tools

If you're relying on trading tools from financial websites, we can integrate their functionality directly into your platform. We create custom alerts, panels, dashboards, and scripts tailored to improve and simplify your trading experience.

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Add-on Functions

Considering launching a business with your customized indicators and trading robots? We offer all the necessary functions to get your business up and running.

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Beyond software development, we offer premium services tailored to your requirements

Module Creation and Management

If you're a broker-dealer or introducing broker looking to implement your automated trading strategy in your business, we offer a solution that allows you to limit and assign user functions effectively.

IT Services

If you're looking to enhance, test, convert, or secure your code or program, we can assist you with these needs.

Software and Research

Feeling unsure about where to begin your journey into quantitative automated trading? We can guide you on where to start or even offer you the option to use, ready-made trading strategies.

Hosting Services

If you're facing latency issues with your trading, we have a solution for you.


Financial Trading Experience

Unlike other IT development companies, our focus is on automated quantitative trading. As quantitative traders ourselves, we possess a deep understanding of our clients' needs.

Experienced Project Manager Support

The support of an experienced Project Manager is crucial, as initial ideas often start in a raw, unrefined state. A diligent Project Manager will reach out to you within one business day. They will take charge of your project, offer guidance, and rigorously oversee the quality of the execution process.

Guranteed Quality

Quality stands as our foundational principle. Consequently, a professional code tester will conduct a thorough examination of your project prior to delivery, aiming to significantly reduce your debugging efforts.

Project Request to Delivery Process

1. Project Request

Initiate by detailing the analysis methodology, variables, design, and functions

2. Quotation

Our Project Manager and Technical Leader evaluate costs and timelines, then provide a quote.

3. Payment

Make an advance payment through your preferred payment method.

4. Development

We develop, test, and deliver your tool within 3-5 business days.

5. Client Debugging & Approval

Confirm the tool's functionality or report bugs for us to fix.

6. Project Completion

Finalize the project with a delivery confirmation.

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Customer Testimonials

See what our clients have to say

"As the owner of a broker-dealer firm based in South Korea, I discovered that TradingLab is much more than just an IT outsourcing company. They possess a profound understanding of the global online trading industry. Their expertise didn't stop at developing a trading tool for my clients; they provided comprehensive support that significantly enhanced my entire operation. With their assistance, my business is now expanding on a global scale. I am deeply grateful for the exceptional support and service provided by TradingLab."

Mr. Lee


"I've been an introducing broker in China for the past decade and operate a FX/CFD rebate website. Partnering with TradingLab, I developed a trading indicator for sale on my site. This addition not only opened up a new revenue stream but also significantly increased my average monthly IB rebate commissions fourfold. TradingLab's support was unparalleled; they went above and beyond by not only creating the indicator but also assisting with its integration on my website for sales, and even setting up the client payment service. This level of service was beyond our original agreement and certainly not something they were obliged to do. Having received technical support from TradingLab for over a year now, I've found their maintenance costs to be remarkably low. I can't recommend TradingLab's services highly enough."

Ms. Zhang


"I reached out for the development of an Expert Advisor (EA), and I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and transparency demonstrated throughout the process. The communication was clear and constant, ensuring I was kept in the loop at every step. True to their word, they delivered the EA right on the scheduled date. I'm genuinely excited to begin utilizing the EA they crafted. A heartfelt thank you to the team for their exceptional service."

Mr. Tsang

Hong Kong

"I commissioned the development of two indicators for scalping in the crypto market, based on my own manual strategy. The indicators were delivered precisely as I had envisioned, with the service exceeding my expectations. James, Elroy, Henry, and the entire team really grasped my requirements and executed the project flawlessly. The product they delivered was perfect. I am thoroughly impressed with their work and will definitely be engaging their services again."

Mr. Kim


"Initially hesitant to choose TradingLab for my EA and Indicator business due to the generally lower IT outsourcing costs in Vietnam, my perspective shifted after Ms. Hoang introduced me to this Korean multinational company. Despite my reservations and the slightly higher price point, I decided to request a quotation. I was immediately impressed by their rapid response time and superior project management skills, which were unlike anything I had experienced locally. TradingLab went above and beyond, treating my project with the care as if it were their own business. They didn't just meet my initial requests but also took proactive steps to ensure the business's success, making me feel as though I had my own IT department. The team's problem-solving capabilities, clean coding practices, and commitment to meeting customer requirements have left me thoroughly satisfied with all the work completed thus far."

Mr. Pham

Ho Chi Minh

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*Do you not yet have a product or strategy planned to request development? Perhaps we can find a topic through a light conversation with us. We can brainstorm together by reviewing traditional trading strategies, industry trends, and business model samples.

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