Program Period Licensing

Are you considering launching a business to sell or license algorithmic trading software?

Incorporating an algorithm trading program usage period licensing function is essential for initiating your software selling or licensing venture. We specialize in developing sophisticated software that serves as a revolutionary and effective safeguard for tools designed for various trading platforms. With this protection, you can rest assured against piracy, unauthorized usage of your products, and secure the usage of your algorithm trading program or other tools.

Protect Your Digital Intellectual Property

Protecting your algorithmic trading software or Expert Advisor, indicator, or any other tool for MT4®/MT5®/TradingView/cTrader/other platform involves several key strategies to safeguard against unauthorized resale, sharing, modification, or infringement on your intellectual property.

Implement Licensing Technology

Use licensing software that binds your product to a specific user or account, preventing it from being used on unauthorized devices or accounts. This can include hardware ID locks, account ID verification, or a combination of both.

Code Obfuscation

Employ code obfuscation techniques to make it difficult for others to reverse engineer or modify your product. While not foolproof, obfuscation can add an additional layer of security.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Integrate DRM solutions to control and manage the usage of your digital products. This can help prevent unauthorized distribution and use.


Embed unique identifiers or watermarks in your product code or functionality. This can help trace the source of unauthorized distribution or modification.

Legal Agreements

Ensure that your terms of use, end-user license agreements (EULA), and intellectual property rights are clearly stated and agreed upon by users before they can access your product. This legal groundwork can be crucial for enforcement.

Regular Updates

Regularly update your products with new features and improvements. This not only adds value for legitimate users but also makes it harder for pirated versions to keep up.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Actively monitor forums, websites, and marketplaces for unauthorized copies of your product. Use legal measures and takedown notices, to remove pirated versions and pursue legal action against violators if necessary.

Community Engagement

Build a strong relationship with your user community. Satisfied customers are less likely to share or support the unauthorized use of your products.

Combine these strategies, to reduce the risk of unauthorized use and protect the integrity and revenue of your MT4®/MT5®/TradingView/cTrader/other platform tools.

Benefits of TradingLab's Program User Licensing Service

Ease of Use

TradingLab's UI/UX design offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process. Integrating your software with our period licensing program is as straightforward as placing it, selecting ""Account Protection,"" and inputting the Account ID. The simplicity rivals that of baking cookies!


No need for coding or programming expertise to license your tool. With basic PC skills and program setup know-how, you're all set. The process is designed to be effortless.

Quality Assurance

Your tools, including expert advisors, indicators, and scripts, require protection, and we take this seriously. Encountering issues with the period licensing program is met with our dedicated ongoing support, ready to tackle any challenges. Frequent updates refine our service's effectiveness and sophistication, safeguarding your strategies diligently.


Securing your trading tools with a license can be done quicker than making a cup of coffee, in just about 3 minutes. This rapid process ensures your trading strategies are protected without delay, letting you concentrate on strategy development and expanding your business.

TradingLab’s Program User Licensing empowers you with extensive capabilities to secure your trading tools:

  • Account Number Linkage: Securely associate the protection with any broker-dealer/platform/exchange/ID/account number, ensuring exclusive use.
  • Key Number Protection: Safeguard your tool with a unique key number for enhanced security.
  • Unlimited Demo/Trial Versions: Effortlessly create endless demo or trial versions of your product to entice potential customers.
  • Full Version & Source Code Protection: Offer the full version of your tool while protecting its source code, maintaining both accessibility and security.
  • Limitless Tool Protection: Apply protection to an infinite number of tools, without restrictions.
  • Comprehensive Usage Instructions: Receive detailed ""How to Use"" guidelines for straightforward implementation.
  • Dedicated Technical Support: Access immediate technical assistance for any challenges encountered.
  • Outsourcing Options: Reduce business operational costs by outsourcing your software licensing operations.

Your trading tools are invaluable assets. Let Program User Licensing be the safeguard, ensuring their protection and your peace of mind.