IT Infrastructure Consulting

Uncertain About the Need for a VPS or the Right Plan for Your Trading Strategy?
Let us offer you a tailored solution!

Before recommending a VPS or dedicated server, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure the most suitable and reliable solution for your needs.

Execution Speed

  • Measure the latency between your trade orders and execution.
  • Determine if your current VPS specifications are providing the low latency necessary for optimal execution, particularly for strategies that are sensitive to delays.


  • Evaluate the uptime of your VPS. Consistent uptime is crucial for strategies that require round-the-clock market access.
  • Look for any instances of downtime and their impact on your trading activities.

System Performance

  • Analyze the performance of your trading platform and tools while running on the VPS.
  • Check for any system lags, crashes, or glitches that could affect trading.

Capacity Utilization

  • Review the usage statistics of the VPS, including CPU, memory, and storage usage.
  • Determine if the VPS is over or under-utilized, indicating whether an upgrade or downgrade is necessary.


  • Consider whether your trading strategy has evolved or will soon require more resources.
  • Assess if your VPS can scale up easily to meet increasing demands.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Weigh the costs of your VPS against the benefits it brings to your trading outcomes.
  • Determine if a different plan could offer a better value for your specific trading needs.

Network Stability

  • Monitor the network stability and the quality of your connection to your broker and trading exchanges.
  • Ensure that the VPS provider's network infrastructure supports consistent connectivity.

After evaluating the aforementioned factors, traders will be in a position to ascertain if their present VPS configuration aligns with their trading strategy's requirements or if there's a need for modifications to enhance performance and cost-effectiveness.