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CxS History

Established in 2006, our firm boasts a distinguished history of over two decades. Throughout these years, CxS has successfully completed more than 30 strategic deals in electronic parts supply, engineering provision, IT infrastructure, and software, considerably augmenting our capabilities and international presence. This expansion has empowered us to offer comprehensive technical support to our clientele.


Development of the CDMP3 Car Audio Chipset Application: CxS embarked on developing the CDMP3 Car Audio Chipset application, refined in collaboration with ST Microelectronics, showcasing an innovative partnership with Optomech.


Establishment of CXS (HK) LIMITED: The establishment of CXS (HK) LIMITED in Hong Kong positioned the company for global electronic and semiconductor export and import business.


Supply Agreement with Delphi Autoparts: A pivotal supply agreement for the CDMP3 Car Audio Chipset Total Solution was signed with Delphi Autoparts, underlining CxS's influence in the global aftermarket.


Supply Agreement with Shinwa Industries (China): CxS (HK) secured a supply agreement with Shinwa Industries (China), emphasizing the company's commitment to automotive and electronic innovations.


Supply Agreement with Siemens: A significant supply agreement was signed with Siemens, marking a collaboration with a global technology giant for the CDMP3 Car Audio Chipset Total Solution.
Integrated Procurement Agreement with Daewoo IS Corporation: An Integrated Procurement Agreement was established with Daewoo IS Corporation's Strategic Procurement Department, leveraging the Korean conglomerate's esteemed lineage.
Engineer Supply Agreement for SAIC-GM: An engineer supply agreement was concluded with Daewoo IS Corporation for SAIC-GM, showcasing CxS's engineering capabilities in Mainland China.


Establishment of CxS Korea Limited: The strategic establishment of CxS Korea Limited highlighted the company's expansion into the Korean market.
Agent Deal with Truly International Holdings Limited: An agent deal with Truly International Holdings Limited for TFT LCD distribution set a new standard for automotive grade products.
Agent Deal with Shinwa Industries (HK) Limited: Another agent deal was secured with Shinwa Industries (HK) Limited for the distribution of DVD mechanism cameras for automotive applications.


Establishment of CxS (China) Limited: CxS (China) Limited was established, marking a significant expansion into the Chinese market.
Distribution Deal with Flairmicro: A distribution deal was signed with Flairmicro for automotive Bluetooth solutions, showcasing CxS's adaptability to technological advancements.
Supply Deal for Humax Automotive: CxS repackaged electronic parts for Humax Automotive, incorporating components from top manufacturers, underlining the company's integrated solution capabilities.
Engineer Supply Agreement with Humax Automotive for SAIC-GM: An engineer supply agreement with Humax Automotive for SAIC-GM in China highlighted the company's commitment to providing top-tier engineering talent.
Engineer Supply Agreement for Beijing Borgward: Another engineer supply agreement with Humax Automotive supported engineering needs for Beijing Borgward, emphasizing the revival of a historic automotive brand.
Development of CxS's Own LCD Product: The development of CxS's own LCD product marked a milestone in manufacturing independence and innovation.
Supply Deal to Digen Automotive: A supply deal for repackaged electronic parts to Digen Automotive demonstrated CxS's excellence in supply chain management and component integration.
LCD Screen Supply Deal to Kisan Electronics: CxS (HK) signed a supply deal with Kisan Electronics for LCD screens designed by CxS, showcasing the company's capabilities in electronic design and manufacturing.


Launch of Financial Trading Software and IT Infrastructure Technology Business: The launch of the Financial Trading Software and IT infrastructure Technology Business marked CxS's diversification into fintech.


Introduction of the Bangedge Brand: Introduction of the Bangedge brand for Trading Software, IT infrastructure, and consulting business, signaling strategic expansion and commitment to innovation.


Institutional Broker-Dealer IT Infrastructure Deals: Two undisclosed institutional broker-dealer IT infrastructure deals were signed, highlighting CxS's influence in the financial technology sector.


Broker-Dealer Consulting Deals: Seven undisclosed institutional broker-dealer and crypto exchange software & consulting deals were secured, showcasing CxS's leadership and innovation in fintech industry.


Launch of the TradingLab Brand: The launch of the TradingLab brand to provide coding services to Quantitative and Algorithmic Trading institutions and retailers emphasized the company's adaptability and foresight in evolving technology landscapes.

Our Principles

At CxS, we are guided by a steadfast dedication to truthfulness, openness, and ethical conduct in all our operations as a technology service provider. We openly disclose our technical condition to our customers, adhere strictly to the utmost standards of corporate governance, and prioritize making ethical decisions over convenient ones in our dealings with clients, investors, and staff members.

This approach enables us to assist our clients in navigating technical challenges.

Client Satisfaction is Paramount

At CxS, placing clients at the forefront is a core part of our identity. Recognizing the unique requirements and ambitions of each client, we bolster our services with dedicated, personalized technical support, state-of-the-art IT solutions, and award-winning industry intelligence, providing you with the essential competitive edge needed as a provider in the tech market.

Our Clientele

We cater to a diverse range of clients, encompassing worldwide distributors of electronic components, leading manufacturers of electronic end products, entities in the automotive sector, fintech firms, financial service providers, and essentially any company requiring technological solutions.

Gain the CxS Advantage

Whether your goal is to find an electronics sourcing partner, secure the optimal infrastructure for financial trading, initiate broker-dealer services, collaborate on quantitative or algorithmic trading, or leverage our award-winning market insights, CxS provides superior technological services designed to ensure your success.